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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Episode 24: Another Joe?

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Episode Twenty-Four: Another Joe?

William Brooks"Land of Lincoln" from "Silent Wings"
by William Brooks
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Tom Paul"Before You Know It" from "I Was King"
by Tom Paul
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Watching Waiting Download "Ain't Got Love" (mp3)
from "Watching Waiting"
by Todd Carey
High Wire Music
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Jonathan Coulton"Code Monkey" from "Thing A Week III"
by Jonathan Coulton
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Jeremy Rowe"Caffeine & Nicotine" from "Jeremy Rowe"
by Jeremy Rowe
Buy at CDBaby

Plunkett"Even If I Want To" from "14 Days"
by Plunkett
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Derek Sivers"Flexible" by Derek Sivers
Download Free at

David McMillin"Halves" from "Between Here and Home"
by David McMillin

Earthless - Godspeed (Edit) Download "Godspeed" (mp3)
from "Earthless - Godspeed (Edit)"
by Earthless
Tee Pee Records
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Elliott Smith"Memory Lane" from "A Basement On A Hill"
by Elliott Smith
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