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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Joe Show 71 - Mountain Mirrors

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Episode Seventy-One: Mountain Mirrors

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special preview of mountain mirrors new album, dreadnought | myspace
courtesy of magnatune

Move over Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Led Zeppelin, Days of the New, et. al., there's a new kid in the psychedelic rock scene, and they will not be denied. With the release of their fourth album, Dreadnought, Mountain Mirrors treats us to the best they have yet to offer. From the mesmerizing Born Deranged that opens the album, you'll be caught in a whirlwind that takes you back to your youth -- whatever your age.

The bass licks on this album are like something you haven't heard in almost twenty years. There is no band in top 40 radio today that can make a guitar sing like Mountain Mirrors, nor a lyricist in the mainstream music industry who can pen the poetry that these guys put to music on Dreadnought.

Just about the time you start to feel really at ease and relaxed by the mellow rhythms of Mountain Mirrors, the instrumental Your Dirge that occupies the center track on the album will give you a whole new appreciation for the talent of this incredible band.

Dreadnought is not only a must hear, it's a must purchase, and with the ease of Mountain Mirrors' distribution channel available at, you can do just that for whatever price you wish, as low as just $5 (though I think you'll agree that the album is worth much more than that).

track 1 | born deranged

track 2 | field of grass

track 3 | i don't belong

track 4 | end of days

track 6 | your dirge

track 8 | birds in a rat race

track 9 | better days

track 10 | a spell to block the sun

track 5 | the elemental (background)

Register to win a free high-quality download of the entire album, including the tracks not featured in The Joe Show #71, by submitting a comment to this post. Submissions will be accepted until 11:59 PM May 17, 2008, with a winner being drawn at random and announced on The Show #73 on May 24, 2008.

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