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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Episode 22: The Best Of...

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Episode Twenty-Two: The Best of Average Joe

This one's a long one (55 minutes). Low Bandwidth download version (lower audio quality) is available below.

Matthew Ebel"Rain" from "Filling The Pages"
by Matthew Ebel
Buy at Matthew
Featured in Episode One

Steadman"Come Alive" from "Revive"
by Steadman
Download at
Featured in Episode Five: Artist Spotlight

Bob Gentry"Upside Down" from "Bob Gentry"
by Bob GentryBuy at
Featured in Episode Six: Driving to Chicago

Kevin Reeves"Shine" from "It's About Time"
by Kevin Reeves
Buy at CDBaby
Featured in Episode Seven: Super Bowl Thoughts & Sledding

Brett Mikels"Unlikely Messenger" from "Deep Enough"
by Brett Mikels
Buy at
Featured in Episode Ten: The Valentine LP

Kevin Reeves & Ian Baird"Redemption" by Kevin Reeves and Ian Baird
Featured in Episode Eleven: New Music!

Christopher Dallman"7th of September" from "Christopher Dallman"
by Christopher Dallman
Buy at
Featured in Episode Twelve: Housekeeping

William Brooks"Land of Lincoln" from "Silent Wings"
by William Brooks
Buy at Magnatune
Play Video
Featured in Episode Sixteen: Artist Spotlight

Matthew Ebel"I Know You're There" from "Beer & Coffee"
by Matthew Ebel
Buy at
Featured in Episode Seventeen: Live or Memorex - Part 2

David McMillin"Manhattan Street" from "Between Here and Home"
by David McMillin
Featured in Episode Twenty: Time

Mike Errico"Skimming" from "Skimming"
by Mike Errico
Buy at Engine Company Records
Featured in Episode Twenty-One: Raison d'Etre

The Alternate Routes"Aftermath" from "Good and Reckless and True"
by The Alternate Routes
Buy at Aware Store
Featured in Jersey Joe's Pick To Click

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