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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Free Compilation Album from Magnatune

When an artist or record label is willing to give you CD quality music absolutely free, how can you pass that up? Magnatune has done just that. Download over 70 minutes of free music now!

Free Compilation Album from Magnatune

Magnatune's August 07 Giveaway: Free Seduction Music!

Rumored to have a potent effect, The Art of Persuasion is the perfect album for those times you wanna get close. Features 73 minutes of sultry downtempo music by 12 of our best-selling artists—Artemis, Cargo Cult, Burning Babylon, and more. Click here to hear a preview or see a track list.

We made it just for you: The Art of Persuasion features over 70 minutes of Magnatune's most compelling artists at their most subdued and seductive. This isn't just a compilation, it's a mix—a thoughtfully assembled playlist of sophisticated downtempo tracks that flow into one another, by best-selling performers like Artemis, Yongen, Paul Avgerinos, Lisa DeBenedictis, and eight others. The perfect album to have on hand for dinners, drinks, and uh...other nighttime pursuits.

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