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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fwd: Ron Rutherford a Double Hit on Average Joe Radio & The Pod 5

Rarestar Music & Rarestar Records Latest News...
Ron Rutherford and his Lone Wolf album howl on
Average Joe Radio with a full moon show special.
An intimate look at the artist and his music.
This one is not to be missed folks!!!
Plus, Ron recently joined The Pod 5 on their last Talkcast: Episode 13 to discuss with the panelists his recent Internet Marketing & Promotion successful actions as an Independent Music Artist.
Read all about both exciting events below...

Average Joe Radio Episode 46: Ron Rutherford

New on
Average Joe Radio

It's 3 days late, but worth the wait!

Ron Rutherford's Lone Wolf

Episode Forty-Six: Ron Rutherford
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Ron Rutherford joined Average Joe for a special show featuring nine tunes from his album, Lone Wolf. With insight from the artist about each song, this show is a must listen!

Featuring the tunes:

Tennessee Moon
Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye
Dirt Road
Hole In My Heart
This Is True
Lone Wolf
Many Moons Ago
Freak Flag

You can find Ron Rutherford online at:

  • MySpace
  • iTunes
  • Podsafe Music Network
  • AirPlay Direct
  • CDBaby
  • Lone Wolf by Ron Rutherford

    What Others Are Saying
    Ed Ovett said...

    Wanted to be 1st here even before hearing Average Joe's special with Ron Rutherford. It's a must listen for anyone wanting to get familiar with Ron's "Lone Wolf" CD. You can also hear Ron talk about Internet Marketing on the last Talkshoe episode for "The Pod 5" (episode #13) either at the
    Talkshoe website or via the Ed's Mixed Bag website regular podcast feed on Thursday nite (10-18-07). The Pod 5 panelists include Ed Ovett (host), Brent Bradley (co-host), Daniel Johnson Jr., Dwight Dunlop, and Zack (the Mothman) Daggy - all having their own music podcasts! You can find the new Pod 5 podcast at first episode Nov. 6th, 2007! Get subscribed!!! Click here to go right to the new website!
    And, don't forget to check out the new home of
    Average Joe American
    The Average Joe Radio Podcast

    Keep your freak flag flyin'!
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