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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Joe Show #59

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Episode Fifty-Nine:

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Perspective by Jeff Caylor
courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

This week's show is going to be a little bit different from what you've heard in the past on The Joe Show. Before I explain why, and what you'll hear, I want to talk for a moment about the race for the Republican Presidential nomination.

This past week, Fred Thompson announced his withdrawal from the race. I have been a supporter of Fred Thomspon since before he was a candidate for President. I have always thought that he had the most solid political platform and stood for sound conservative principles.

After hearing the announcement of his withdrawal, I was faced with the decision of what candidate to put my support behind. I gave this some serious consideration. Knowing that the Democratic candidates were completely out of the picture for me, I had to decide whether to stand behind the best candidate, or the candidate with the best chance to win in November. Whether to choose a solid candidate, or a candidate with solid, widespread support.

Both John McCain and Mitt Romney have a solid backing of supporters. They've been the most successful in the primaries and caucuses, and many in the media have virtually declared this a two-man race.

Both Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee are experienced, conservative candidates. Both speak well and seem to perform solidly in the debates.

And then there's Ron Paul. But I don't intend to completely throw away my support. Sorry Ron.

After giving it much thought and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one candidate that I can in good conscience stand behind right now. One candidate that I have long thought could be a solid, successful President. One candidate that I've supported since long before Fred Thompson even became a grass roots movement. It is for this reason that I have chosen the candidate with the most experience, the most real-life tested wisdom, the best leadership skills, and the truest patriotism of them all.

It is for all of these reasons that I now stand strongly in support of America's Mayor for President. Rudy Giuliani stood strong under adversity and led this nation's largest city -- and the entire nation, by extension -- through the most difficult, tragic moments of our nation's history. Because he built a sound, strong management team in New York City that had the ability and autonomy to think on their feet while at the same time understanding the importance and the need to remain accountable to the people that they served, New York -- and the nation -- was able to bounce back, come together, and stand united against the enemy. It was as much for the leadership of Rudy Giuliani as for that of President George W. Bush that the United States remained united against an unseen enemy.

There is no candidate that can bring to the Oval Office the combination of wisdom, knowledge, foresight, experience, and sound business judgement that Rudy can. All of the other Republican candidates possess some of those traits, but not one has demonstrated a solid grasp on the whole picture as Rudy has.

But there is one concern that you might hear voiced by other conservatives. One issue that has long been a matter of great importance among conservatives and liberals alike. One issue that has been the deciding factor for many Americans when deciding how to cast their vote on election day.

Abortion. Regrettably, Rudy Giuliani has taken a pro-choice stance on abortion. Regrettably, because his stance on this one issue could be the thing that keeps him from taking the oath of office next January. I have given this issue great consideration. I am firmly and unmovably opposed to abortion, at any time and for any reason. I do not feel that there is ever a situation when abortion is justified.

I have considered this greatly, and thought long and hard about Rudy's stance on the issue of abortion, and I have come to this conclusion: it really doesn't matter. Now, before you go off thinking I've lost my mind, hear me out.

Abortion matters. Life matters. Protecting these innocent unborn babies from murder matters. What doesn't matter is what the President thinks about abortion. You see, the American form of democracy is such that there is nothing one man can do to change the law on abortion. The President, for all of his supposed power, cannot effect change on the issue of abortion without the broad support of Congress and the Judicial system. It was the Judicial branch of our government that legalized abortion, and every conservative, pro-life politician since has been unable to do anything to change that. Only you can change that. Each and every one of you, individually. Which is why today's episode of The Joe Show is different.

Today's episode of The Joe Show is about abortion. The rest of the show will feature an artist who has been featured on the show before -- Scot Longyear -- in a way you've probably never heard him before. In addition to being an accomplished independent musician, Scot Longyear is my friend and pastor. Last week he presented a very thought-provoking discussion on abortion. Today, I share that with you.

I hope you will take the time to hear it out. Regardless of your stance on the issue of abortion, this discussion is sure to make you think. And shortly after the discussion begins, you'll hear the song "Amazing Grace." I have added this song into the discussion to fill a long period of silence. During this period of silence, there was a visual presentation. Scot will explain that, and it will become clear to you what the visual presentation was. Imagine, as you hear "Amazing Grace," sitting in a silent church for the full three minutes, experiencing the visual presentation that Scot describes. It was a very moving experience.

I hope you enjoy today's show. More importantly, I hope you can keep your finger off the next track button and hear this show through to the end. If not for yourself, give it a listen for the 46 million innocents who lose their lives to abortion every year.

Amazing Grace by Susan Bailey
courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

A discussion on Abortion, with Scot Longyear, Independent Musician and Pastor of eXchange at Maryland Community Church, Terre Haute, Indiana.

Change This Heart by Sidewalk Prophets
courtesy of the Artists

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