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Monday, May 26, 2008

A Soapy Joe Show? Your Thoughts, Please

I've been considering adding a second podcast to the Average Joe Radio lineup, and would like your input.

There is a virtually untapped world of Christian Contemporary music in the Independent music scene. I've been considering adding a fifteen to twenty minute weekly show as part of the Soapy Joe blog. The show would consist of an introduction, followed by three or four songs, a final thought, and a wrap up. Not a whole lot of talk, not a whole lot of opinion. Just a whole lot of praise and worship music.

The show would share a Podshow/Mevio feed with The Joe Show at, would be posted each week to the homepage at AverageJoeAmerican.US, but would have it's own home with the Soapy Joe blog. This would allow listeners to subscribe to:

  1. all audio content from both shows [FEED];
  2. audio content from The Joe Show only [FEED];
  3. audio and blog content from Soapy Joe only [FEED];
  4. all audio and blog content that is posted to the homepage [FEED].
A wide range of selections to choose from that should provide all listeners/readers with exactly the content that they want.

My question is, what do you think? Would you be interested in subscribing and listening to both The Joe Show and a new Soapy Joe show featuring independent Contemporary Christian music? Send me your thoughts. Fill out the form below, or email me.


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