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Monday, July 9, 2007

Song of the Day Album Art Giveaway

The Average Joe Radio Album Art Giveaway is really starting to take shape.

  • What is it? A little contest promotion associated with my new daily music show, Song of the Day.
  • How can I play? Subscribe to Average Joe Radio, either in iTunes or via your favorite RSS aggregator, and listen daily to Song of the Day.
  • How can I win? Just take a close look each day at the Song of the Day album art. Be among the first (currently 6) to correctly tell me what the album art has in common.
  • What can I win? How about some free music?
Dead Rock WestTruckee BrothersWilliam BrooksMike Errico

With such artists as Dead Rock West, the Truckee Brothers, William Brooks, and now Mike Errico on board as contest sponsors, there's some great free music to be had! A total of seven albums to be awarded to the winners.
  • Great! So how do I enter? Just submit your answers (what does the album art have in common?) to Average Joe, via email at, or leave a voicemail at 206-600-4JOE (voicemail may be played in future episodes). Include your entry answer (one answer per entry, limit three entries per person), your email address (or other contact info) and a mailing address that your potential prize can be delivered.
  • When will I know if I won? Winners will be announced in a special episode of Average Joe Radio on or about July 31, 2007.
So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

All entries become the property of Average Joe and may be
used in future episodes of Average Joe podcasts or on Average Joe
blogs without further compensation or recognition.

Special thanks to Dead Rock West, Truckee Brothers, William Brooks, Mike Errico,, and Gorgeous PR for prize sponsorship.

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