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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Special Episode 3: Clay Aiken Live in Columbus

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Special Episode Three: Clay Aiken Live in Columbus

This was some difficult audio to get from Clay Aiken's recent concert at Chemical Abstracts Service (yeah, really) in Columbus, Ohio. The venue had very, very tight policies about taking pictures, recording video, and recording audio. It has been reported that more than one concert-goer was escorted from the venue for refusing to follow the policy, while others were forced to move from coveted table seats to lawn seats with a more restricted view.

The concert took place as part of the Columbus Symphony's Picnic With The Pops series, sponsored by Fifth/Third Bank. Gates opened at 6:00 pm, and there was a mad rush to get the best lawn seats in the place. My wife and I had reserved lawn seats, though there was apparently some mistake and our group was placed several sections further away from the stage than originally promised. But our wonderful hostess, Cindy from Rhode Island, wouldn't settle for such treatment. Relentlessly she demanded that we be moved forward, and got just what she wanted. The group was moved two sections closer to the stage, which turned out to be pretty good seats.

Shortly after the opening of the gates, a picnic lunch was available. To those who purchased table tickets, a box lunch was available. To others, there were vendors throughout the venue with food offerings. We had some Donato's Pizza and Graeter's Ice Cream (a Cincinnati tradition -- if you haven't tried Graeter's, it is absolutely the creamiest ice cream made).

We met up with some new friends who just happened to be from our home town. Their company during the two-hour picnic period before the concert was very enjoyable. It made the whole experience just that much better.

At 8:00, Aiken and the Columbus Symphony took the stage, and the crowd of Claymates took to their feet. It was the largest crowd the Columbus Symphony has ever seen in their Picnic With The Pops series.

The concert lasted just barely over two hours and was quite enjoyable, even for someone like me, who isn't really a Clay Aiken fan and was only along because I wanted my wife to have a safe, enjoyable time.

The music in this audio file contains some excerpts from Aiken's TV show theme song medley. The audio quality isn't the greatest because, as I said, recording was prohibited. I had to use a small handheld device that I had to keep hidden throughout the recording. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy.

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1 comment:

Martigyrl said...

Joe, I think you deserve to be annointed,'Official Claydawg'.After reading your last 2 articles about Clay, and taking your wife, and how much you literally enjoyed the show, Yep, you're a Claydawg!!!
Thanks for the recaps,and the audio, and the former video you have provided.
You are also an 'Official Clack God'.lol
Martigyrl from THE CLAYBOARD